Burnt Carrots

Burnt Carrots | Photography and Styling by Sanda Vuckovic
Burnt Carrots | Photography and Styling by Sanda VuckovicBurnt Carrots | Photography and Styling by Sanda Vuckovic Burnt Carrots | Photography and Styling by Sanda Vuckovic
Burnt Carrots | Photography and Styling by Sanda Vuckovic

Fact is, I buy products because of their package. If I have two options of same product, one with packaging I like and the other with one I don’t like … you know the result.
Same thing starts to happen on the market. If I see beautiful ingredient, even I really don’t have it on my shopping list, I will get it and later think about a way to use it.

This week at market I found this pinkish carrots and I just couldn’t resist. I left them in the fridge and decided to think about what to do with them later.
But sometimes those small things happen in life, following day postman brought me Simple Fair, Karen Mordechai beautiful new cookbook. After quick look at its pages I noticed recipe for Burn Carrots.
It just had to be.

Recipe calls for toasted hazelnuts, which I didn’t have in my pantry, so I used pistachio dukkah I made few weeks ago.

I thought about having it as a side dish for lunch, but it turned out to be main dish.
Book is full of simple recipes, with suggestions (depending on season), and I will be cooking some more from it for sure.

Burnt carrots

(recipe from Simple Fare by Karen Mordechai)

2,5 tbs olive oil
2,5 tbs maple syrup
pinch of sea salt
6 bunches of baby carrots (about 30 small), scrubbed
25g parsley leaves
1/4 cup hazelnuts, halved and roasted

Preheat the oven to 260C. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

In a large bowl, stir together the olive oil, maple syrup and salt.
Add the carrots and toss to coat. Spread the carrots in a single layer on the prepared baking sheet, top with half of the parsley and bake for 10-12 minutes, watching to ensure that the carrots char but do not burn too much.

Spread the labneh on a platter using the back of a spoon. Rest the carrots atop the labneh and top with hazelnuts and remaining parsley. Sprinkle with pinch of black salt.


2 ts fine salt
900ml full fat plain goats milk yogurt

Set super fine strainer over a bowl and line with double layer of cheesecloth. Stir the salt into the yogurt and scrap it to prepared strainer. Cover and refrigerate for 24h or until the labneh has reached the desired consistency.

Rice and Vegetables Soup

Vegetable and Rice Soup
I am an Eastern Europe girl, someone who is used to cold winters with snow. I love the cold, dry winter, the city covered with snow. I love the sound of dry, fresh snow under my feet. I love feeling the snowflakes falling on my face. My body craves for snow.

Every day I look at the weather forecast for my hometown to see if it’s snowing. I start to think that it’s kind of an obsession (don’t know if it’s known in psychology but, if some of you want to make a study about snow obsession, I am the right person for it).

I love the feeling of coming home after some time spent on the snow, with red cheeks, frozen fingers and nose… the house is hot with some comforting food always ready.

I hope, really hope that I will still get some of the snow when I go to visit my family in March…


Eu sou uma menina da Europa de Leste, alguém que está habituada a invernos frios com neve. Adoro o frio, inverno seco, a cidade coberta de neve. Adoro o som da neve seca e fresca debaixo dos meus pés. Adoro sentir os flocos de neve a cairem no meu rosto. O meu corpo anseia por neve.

Todos os dias vejo a previsão do tempo para a minha cidade natal para ver se está a nevar. Começo a pensar que é uma espécie de obsessão (não sei se é conhecida em psicologia mas, se algum de vocês quiser fazer um estudo sobre obsessão pela neve, eu sou a pessoa certa para ele).

Adoro a sensação de voltar para casa depois de algum tempo passado na neve, com as bochechas vermelhas, dedos e nariz congelados… a casa está quente com um pouco de comida reconfortante sempre pronta.

Espero, realmente, que ainda consiga ter um bocadinho de neve quando for visitar a minha família em Março…

Rice and Vegetables Soup

1,2l water
2 vegetable stock cubes
8og rice
1/2tbs olive oil
100g cauliflower, cut into small chunks
80g broccoli, cut into small chunks
80g courgette, cut into small chunks
80g peas
2 carrots, cut into small chunks
250ml rice milk (or cow milk)
2 egg yolks
1/3 cup of coconut milk

Place the water, rice, cubes and olive oil into a pan and cook on medium heat for 20 minute or until the rice is cooked.

Add all the vegetables and cook for 5 minutes. Add milk and cook for 5 more minutes or until the vegetables are cooked (be careful not to overcook it). Let it cool down a bit.

In the meantime, mix the egg yolks with coconut milk. Before serving, add this mixture to the soup.

*You can add other vegetables that you like.
**Crumble some goat cheese on top if you like.


Sopa de Arroz e Legumes

1,2 l de água
2 cubos para caldo de vegetais
8og arroz
1/2 colher de sopa de azeite
100g couve-flor, cortada em pequenos pedaços
80g bróculos, cortados em pequenos pedaços
80g courgette, cortada em pequenos pedaços
80g ervilhas
2 cenouras cortadas em pequenos pedaços
250ml leite de arroz (ou leite de vaca)
2 gemas
1/3 chavena de leite de coco

Coloque a água, arroz, cubos e azeite numa panela e cozinhe em fogo médio durante 20 minutos ou até que o arroz esteja cozido.

Adicione todos os legumes e cozinhe durante 5 minutos. Adicione o leite e cozinhe mais 5 minutos ou até que os legumes estejam cozidos (cuidado para não os cozinhar demasiado). Deixe arrefecer um pouco.

Enquanto isso, misture as gemas com o leite de coco. Antes de servir, adicione esta mistura à sopa.

*Pode adicionar outros legumes que gosta.
**Desfaça um pouco de queijo de cabra por cima se quiser.