Labneh with Roasted Plums

Labneh with Roasted Plums | Photography and Styling by Sanda VuckovicLabneh with Roasted Plums | Photography and Styling by Sanda VuckovicLabneh with Roasted Plums | Photography and Styling by Sanda Vuckovic

I started writing this post so many times today. I am sitting in front of my PC for more then hour ..
I can write about autumn, about juicy plums, about getting back to routine and the fact my 9 years old son is in love.
I can write about friends gatherings , plum tart I baked few days ago .
I can write about a fact a number of people in our small house is still 3 and about how much we all miss him …
…but today I chose not to … I chose to close my eyes and think it’s Friday ..

Labneh with Roasted Plums

(inspired by Seven Spoons, Tara O’Brady)
serves 6

1/4 ts fine salt
800ml full fat plain yogurt made from goat milk
4 tbs icing sugar
zest of two lemons

6 plums
3/4 tbs coconut sugar
1/4 ts ground cinnamon
1/4 ts ground cardamom
1/4 ts ground ginger
amaretti cookies (optional)

Set super fine strainer over a bowl and line with double layer of cheesecloth. Stir the salt into the yogurt and scrap it to prepared strainer. Cover and refrigerate for 24h or until the labneh reach has reached the desired consistency.

Preheat oven to 180C
Cut plums into half and place them into roasted tin, cut side up. Sprinkle plums with coconut sugar and spices. Roast for 30min

Add icing sugar and lemon zest to labneh and divide between 6 plates.
Place two halves of plums over sweet labneh and crumble some amaretti cookies over.

3 Responses to Labneh with Roasted Plums
  1. Marta Reply

    Still, so little text and so much was said. Enjoy your Friday <3

  2. tara Reply

    This looks absolutely beautiful! And the plums sound perfect. xo

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