Rainy day

It is so cold and rainy in Lisbon for a days and the only thing I can think about on the days like these is that I would like to be home, with a blanket and some nice book and have some scones and hot tea near me. Since first few parts of this ‘rainy dream’ are impossible at least I can have scones and tea :-).
7 Responses to Rainy day
  1. Anonymous Reply

    Sanda, Parabéns pelo blog.
    Já está nos meus favoritos.
    Um beijinho
    Marta Simões (Faria)
    PS – Adoro scones

  2. Anonymous Reply

    beautiful!my princess room! I love you, sister

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Congratulations miss!
    Perfect start! I hope too see much more 😀


  4. Mafalda Pinto Leite Reply

    Lindo Sanda!!! Agora vou eu experimentar as tuas receitas;)

  5. Golosina Reply

    cao mala izvrnuta torto 🙂 lep blog, samo mi nedostaju recepti 🙂 pozdrav sa severa, iz aveira 🙂

  6. Anonymous Reply

    Slatka mala izvrnuta torta, kad se samo toga sjetim 🙂

    Sto neko rece iznad mene, a gdje su recepti?

    Jokes aside, a fantastic start and hope you continue in the same manner.


  7. numero impar Reply

    Hi Sanda

    You have to see my post about….Scones!

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